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Mixed-Use Apartment Development Proposed For Whitney Avenue

Hamden, March 2015 – A mixed-use apartment development is going before the Hamden Planning & Zoning Commission on May 26th. Inland Wetlands approved the development in February. The plans for 3139 Whitney Avenue consist of 73 apartments in the back of the building, 100 parking spaces and commercial space facing Whitney Avenue. 

The developer, Kiehtan’s Realm LLC, is proposing a mixed-use development filed under the Affordable Housing statutes.  They will be asking for a zone change to meet its affordable component.  The zone “Housing Opportunity District” will be specific to this development but could be used in the future, for like projects.

It is likely to be approved since, under the Affordable Housing statute, a town must maintain ten percent of its housing as deed-restricted affordable. Most towns do not meet that criteria and Hamden affordable housing is at 6.73 percent.

The property, called 3139 at Whitney, consists of 73 apartments and 3,550 square feet of retail. 22 of the 73 units fall under the state Affordable Housing statute. Eleven 1 bedroom units will be rented at $813 - $1,126 a month and eleven 2 bedroom units will be rented from $976 - $1,351 a month.

Click here to read more:  http://www.nhregister.com/general-news/20150329/developer-proposes-73-unit-apartment-complex-with-retail-on-whitney-avenue-in-hamden
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