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Long Time New Haven Manufacturing Company Purchases Marlin Firearms Building

May 2014 - North Haven - C. Cowles & Co. will be relocating most of their operations to North Haven. The manufacturing company, which has been in New Haven since 1838, has purchased the Marlin Firearms building on Bailey Road, North Haven for $1.7 million. 

Cowles is currently based at 83 Water Street, New Haven.  They began manufacturing lanterns for horse drawn carriages and continued evolving, manufacturing automotive parts.  They have acquired 5 other companies through the years, including Phillips/Moldex Co. in Putnam, ABS Lighting, Cowles Products and Hydrolevel all based on Water Street. They also own Carlin Combustion Technologies in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  

Starting in July, Cowles will begin moving Carlin Combustion and Hydrolevel into the North Haven building. Both companies are in the heating, cooling and ventilation business. Eventually all of the companies, except Phillips/Moldex will move into the Marlin Firearms building.

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