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Middletown Developer to purchase 5.39 Acres From The City of New Haven

April 2014 - New Haven - Centerplan Developers is buying 5.39 acres from the City of New Haven, for $2.65 million.  The developer plans to spend $50 million building a new home for Continuum Care, a medical building or hotel, a parking garage, a pharmacy and a restaurant.  The property is currently a parking lot.

The development is part of the Route 34 West project, which plans to fill 16.2 acres of property between Martin Luther King Boulevard and Legion Avenue.  

In the 1960's the government planned to build a highway in the space and they cleared all of the buildings to do so.  The highway was never built and the land remained vacant.

The new development will create over 300 jobs and the city will benefit financially from the sale and tax revenue. 

Read more in The New Haven Independent:
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